Make It Legal




“Marijuana remains the largest cash crop in America despite law enforcement spending an estimated $18 billion annually to pursue efforts to outlaw the plant.” Recent studies show that marijuana is larger than all other cash crops combined.”

Make It Legal® encourages legislation for the right of adults to use marijuana responsibly, whether for medical or personal purposes. All penalties, both civil and criminal, should be eliminated for responsible use. We feel a legally regulated market should be established where consumers could buy marijuana in a safe and secure environment.
Finally, We believe that if hemp, the tough, coarse fiber of the cannabis plant were legal to grow in America, it would have a positive effect on the economics of this country. Hemp has an estimated $500 billion annual potential worldwide market. Anything made from trees, cotton or petroleum can be made from hemp.

You can get a visual idea with these statistics below.

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 Here’s five charts that show just how fast the marijuana industry is growing, courtesy of ArcView Market Research

1. This map shows how many states have legalized recreational marijuana and are likely to legalize by 2020.

2. This map shows how many states have legalized medical marijuana and which ones are expected to do so by 2016.

3. This chart shows that California has the largest marijuana market. Right now only medical marijuana is legal, but the state is expected to have a recreational legalization measure in 2016. If voters approve it, the industry could quickly double in size.

4. This chart shows the growth states with medium-sized markets have experienced since 2013. In addition, with Oregon, it shows the vast growth that recreational legalization presents a state.

5. This chart shows the growth in marijuana sales since 2011, as well as the projected increased sales trend into 2016.


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