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4/21/2015The U.S. Supreme Court:In a 6-3 vote, the court said constitutional protections against unreasonable search…

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Make It Legal has launched an aggressive marketing and public relations blitz on social networking sites, conducts educational and research activities and comprehensive reports with county-by-county and state-by-state marijuana arrest data & crimes of indiscretion and marijuana arrest in America.

Money Spent on the War On Drugs this Year.


Make It Legal publishes  reports on U.S. Domestic Marijuana Production and arrests that is widely cited  mainstream.


Keeping marijuana illegal is possibly keeping billions of dollars out of the economies in the most rural parts of the United States, preventing these regions from banking on America’s “biggest” cash crop.Just how much money are we talking about? Estimates point $100 billion+, easily dwarfing America’s current top two biggest cash crops.How much could marijuana sales net if legalization went national? There are a variety of estimates, but when you put them all together you get a range of $10 billion to more than $120 billion a year.The map above is one of the first of it’s kind which lays out the complexities of the marijuana marketplace. The map focuses mainly on retail price of marijuana, based on user-generated reports.Some states would see a massive payday. The map points to some massively interesting trends. Cost rises as one moves east from the Pacific Coast (with Oregon being the cheapest). There are also pockets of maximum affordability around where marijuana is produced, notably in Northern California, Eastern Kentucky, and Western Tennessee. Price also varies based on your city, with the cost generally spiking the larger the urban area you live in.

The map confirms other research: Kentucky, for instance, is reported to be a major center of marijuana production in the U.S. More so, it paints a picture of a complex marketplace that has failed to be fully tapped.

Just think how much money Kentucky, Tennessee, and California are missing out on.

It’s bizarre that such simple economic analyses on this product don’t exist, especially since it’s estimated that the legal marijuana market is poised to grow faster than the smartphone market. Not even experts on Wall Street study this market.

So why has no Wall Street economist charted the price of marijuana like this?

Primarily, there is the current question on weather the government’s “war on drugs” is more wasteful than beneficial. Enforcement costs about $40 billion per year. Since it was heavily ramped up by President Nixon, it has cost nearly $1 trillion.

We report, “Marijuana remains the largest cash crop in America despite law enforcement spending an estimated $18 billion annually to pursue efforts to outlaw the plant.” Recent studies show that marijuana is larger than all other cash crops combined.


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